Disruptive transmissions for drastic energy, emission and cost savings in transport and industrial drives

MAZARO designs innovative transmissions

MAZARO designs innovative transmissions that combine an exceptionally high internal efficiency with the ability to keep the engine or E-motor on its optimum efficiency curve at all times, offering unrivalled energy, emissions and cost savings while enhancing performance and comfort.

This technology is most suitable for E-trucks, E-buses, E-cars and combustion engine driven trucks, buses, off-highway machinery, lift trucks, tractors, passenger cars besides industrial drivelines such as gensets and compressors.

See how it works

The RVT’s functioning is demonstrated in this video. The motor on the left hand side drives the transmission input shaft at a constant speed of 1000 RPM. On request, the RVT variates speed and rotational direction of the output shaft in a continuous, smooth and quiet way. Note the accurate output shaft speed control: slow and fast acceleration in forward and reverse, direction change between forward and reverse, slow and fast deceleration to standstill, accurate speed control even with varying load from the braking motor on the right hand side, creeping speed forward and reverse, forward overdrive and controlled standstill. All without slipping components and without heat dissipation, making a cooler redundant.

The measured values are indicated in the lower left corner:

ni & no: transmission input speed & output speed [RPM]

SR: speed ratio of output speed divided by input speed

Mi & Mo: transmission input torque & output torque [Nm]