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The world of changing car interiors

In an era when the very essence of what a car interior is – how it feels, looks and operates – is rapidly changing, it can be tricky to visualise what we will be sitting in by 2030.

Lightweighting and seating

The three megatrends impacting the global automotive industry, namely fuel efficiency, individualisation and autonomous driving, strongly influence the shape and form of tomorrow's car seat.

Magna Seating VP on tomorrow's solutions

Although lighter car seats remains a focus of research, other developments in seating have been taking place much faster than may be apparent on the surface. Automakers are demanding greater differentiation in their seat designs while motorists look for greater functionality and luxury. Are we nearly there yet?

Face time, car-sharing and AVs

The driver and passenger experience is changing, with advanced technologies able to boost safety and reduce the load on the driver, as well as open up new possibilities for passengers. New business models will also play a role in the future vehicle interior.

The manufacturing perspective and how Industry 4.0 is helping IAC build car interiors of the future

Mike Vousden visited an IAC facility in the UK to hear how it is preparing for 'Industry 4.0' to impact its operations.

In the news: Jaguar Land Rover developing next-gen 3D cockpit displays

Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is developing next-generation head-up display technology that it says could beam real-time safety information in front of the driver.