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September 2023

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In our next issue we’ll be considering connectivity  - in vehicles, between vehicles and with other infrastructure (V2X). It’s obviously a very big subject, but it embraces so much that matters in the evolution of personal transportation. Besides our need and desire to be constantly connected with each other and have access to all the services that we need while in-car, smart transportation around cities holds out the hope of huge efficiency benefits as well as lower CO2 emissions.

We’ll also have a look at the metaverse and what it may mean for the automotive sector. 


Editor | David Legget

Deputy Editor | Graeme Roberts

Writers | Glenn Brooks, Graeme Roberts, Frankie Youd

Editor - Thematic Take | Lara Virrey

Graphic Designers | Anett Arc, Noemi Balint, Miriam Garofalo, Will Ingham

Publisher | Susanne Hauner


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