News in numbers

15 m

The latest GlobalData forecast for the US light vehicle market in 2023 stands at 15 million units – a 7% gain on 2022.

5 m

Tata Motors has hit a milestone: It has built five million (50 lakh) passenger vehicles. The automaker reached the 1m mark in 2004, 2m in 2010, 3m in 2015 and 4m in 2020.

EUR20.5 bn

Mercedes-Benz Group earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) were up 28% to EUR20.5bn in 2022 (2021 EUR16bn).


China’s electric car market was up 88% to 5 million units in 2022. In China’s BEV market in 2022, BYD, Tesla and Wuling took 29.0%, 11% and 9% market share respectively.

GBP35 m

Costing GBP35m to construct, the VW Group-owned Bentley brand is to create a new technical centre for developing future BEVs.

200 km

Tesla is planning a new manufacturing facility near Monterrey, in Mexico, some 200km (120 miles) from the US border with an initial investment of US$1bn. It is part of the company’s strategy for low-cost North America market supply.

In pictures

New Toyota Prius

Toyota has launched the fifth-generation Prius in Japan. The plug-in variant (PHEV) launch followed the launch of the standard hybrid (HEV) model in January. The Prius was the world’s first mass produced hybrid car when it was launched in 1997.