News in numbers

80.2 million

Latest GlobalData forecast for global light vehicle sales in 2022 (-1.5% versus 2021).


The year when we can expect the first all-electric Ferrari.

EUR 2bn

Continental spin-off Vitesco Technologies says it has secured an EUR2bn contract to supply its axle drive EMR4 (Electronics Motor Reducer) to Hyundai Motor Group.


Western Europe’s car market was down 13.1% in May.

EUR 212,000

In the first quarter, VW Group-owned brand Bentley reported revenue per vehicle improving from EUR 184,000 to EUR 212,000 and a return on sales margin of 21 per cent.


Target annual production by Valmet of Sono’s solar-powered EV.

In pictures

Mercedes-Benz EV concept goes over 1,000 km on single charge

Mercedes-Benz has developed a long-range BEV concept that has managed to cover more than 1,000 km on a single charge. The VISION EQXX comes with a number of technical innovations including a specially developed lightweight battery that is around 30% lighter than an EQS pack. It is also air-cooled rather than liquid. Travelling from Sindelfingen across the Swiss Alps and Northern Italy, to its destination of Cassis on the Côte d’Azur, the car covered more than 1,000 km in everyday traffic, on a single battery charge.